Master Stylist Alejandra Bell from The Salon at Four Seasons is the Orlando area’s premier expert on hair care. Bell, who has been with the resort since its opening in 2014, brings 20 years of salon experience, personalized attention and an eye for glamour and detail.  She’s known for bringing out the best in her clients’ personalized look. “I love to work with each of my guests to uncover their natural beauty. I feel like I have the ability to read the guest inside and out to provide a tailored, hand-crafted design to complete their perfect look.”  Below, Bell shares her trends and tips for spring and summer haircare.

– Beachy waves – long and relaxed, giving off a playful attitude.
– Lobs – (Long Bob).  Try it textured with layers for a great new look.
– Parted Fringe – bangs that are worn flat and a bit on the long side.
– Extensions – not necessarily a full head of new hair, rather a few key placements to add volume.

Alejandra and Derek, Sr. Spa Director

Tips for Hair Health
– Have your color done professionally; our stylist will help you best select a color, but also can make recommendations so you don’t cause damage to your hair.
– Use professional shampoos and conditioners. They may cost a bit more than the bargain brands, but will leave your hair in better shape in the long run.
– Avoid hair products with a high alcohol content.  These will strip and dry your hair.
– Avoid extreme heat to your hair.  Use care with at home irons and dryers.  Seek professional services whenever possible.
– When highlighting: often well-placed accents can achieve the desired result rather than a full head of foils.  You’ll love the look and this is better for your overall hair health.
– Utilize ‘express services’ from your Salon when you are in between styling sessions.  Blowouts, moisturizing treatments, and glazes will add life and look to your hair and take a fraction of the time (and cost).

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