Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful weather in Florida, and for those who enjoy hitting the greens, whether its 18-holes of golf or playing doubles on the tennis court, Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort has the best of both worlds for the outdoor sports enthusiast.

To help get into the ‘swing’ of things, Rod Cook, Director of Golf Instruction at Tranquilo Golf Club and Alain Labrecque, Tennis Professional at Four Seasons Resort Orlando share their tips for making the most out of your golf and tennis game this season.

Rod Cook, Director of Golf Instruction:

  • The Power of Warming Up: Similar to any sport, it’s important to loosen your muscles in order to avoid injury. Work on developing a warm up routine before you play or before you start hitting balls on the range. Target specific areas like the shoulders, hips & hamstrings, and incorporate stretching. This will help give your body the best chance of performing at its best. I enjoy warming up with a training aid called the “Orange Whip,” a great piece of equipment to help you loosen up before hitting the links.
  • Create a Club Head Path: Place two tees outside both the toe and the heel of a seven iron. Make swings between the two tees without hitting either tee. Once you are able to make swings between the two tees without making contact, place a ball in the middle and make swings. With practice, you will make better contact on the face of the golf ball. Better shots are right around the corner!
  • Improving Deep Divots: If you tend to take deep divots, try teeing up a golf ball while practicing with a seven iron. With a golf ball tee up, this will help shallow out your golf swing at impact and help you feel a more rounded swing. With practice, you will feel lighter through impact and shallower divots will be the result.

Alain Labrecque, Tennis Professional:

  • Play Practically: Tennis is a game of emergency. When executing your stroke, think practical to get out of a defensive position. By minimizing the preparation and reducing your follow-through, you will have a strong contact point with the ball. Another quick tip I always teach my students: when you are running desperately for a passing shot, think “fast feet, slow arm!”
  • It’s All in the Wrist: On the service, if it’s windy, sunny, or you’re just experiencing nerves, you will likely not hit the ball in the same place every time. Therefore, you want the wrist to adjust to a different contact area in the air. Instead of the toss, concentrate on the wrist. The wrist is critical because it directs the serve, resulting in success for the player.
  • Perfecting the Volley: A volley is a controlled, directional shot. Take away your preparation to focus only on the contact of the ball for the greatest chance of success. By keeping your racquet head up, you will have a firmer wrist and will play the ball higher than normal. The lower the ball is, the harder the ball will be for your opponent to hit.
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