Four Seasons Resort Orlando has been shaking & stirring things up on the cocktail scene since its inception in 2014, when Capa sourced James Beard-nominated barman Joe Cleveland to develop a unique cocktail program. Cleveland gained notoriety working alongside chef Jose Andres at Minibar in Washington D.C. and with celebrity chef Michael Chiarello in the opening of his San Francisco Spanish flagship restaurant, Coqueta. captureThe In Spanish Fashion made with Rittenhouse Rye, gold dust, and ice cubes made of Vermouth, served in a glass that has been smoke-infused over a piece of American White Oak, is one of Cleveland’s custom cocktails found at Capa. Another is the signature Capa GinTonic with Carounn Gin, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and striking botanicals of green apple, key lime, juniper berries and edible marigolds.

Now, Four Seasons Resort Orlando is featuring barrel-aged cocktials, and has introduced a cocktail that features traditional Bulleit bourbon and rye whiskey, called the Vieux Carre. The cocktail, created by resort mixologist Jackie Keogh, is made by combining Bulleit bourbon and rye whiskey among other ingredients, then barrel-aged for one month, resulting in a smooth cocktail that stays true to the classic recipe yet adds a layer of unique complexity.

“Brown spirits such as whiskey and bourbon are ideal for creating special flavors, offering a different taste and texture,” says Cory Saffran, director of food and beverage. “Using a high-quality bourbon like Bulleit in our barrel has resulted in a diverse cocktail that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Rich in flavour and in history, the recipe for the Resort’s barrel aged cocktail pays homage to the recipe that originated in New Orleans. Inspired by the history of Augustus Bulleit, the founder of Bulleit distilling, Bulleit created a unique bourbon with a high-rye recipe that he sold to whiskey lovers around America in the 1800s. When he vanished without a trace while delivering barrels of Bulleit from Kentucky to New Orleans, the recipe was nearly lost until his great-great grandson revived the recipe and distillery in 1987.

barrelBarrel-Aged Cocktail Trend

The Vieux Carre is one of many barrel-aged cocktails featuring Bulleit Bourbon offered by Four Seasons hotels and resorts as part of the Cocktail Quarterly series. In addition to the cocktail at The Lobby Bar, barrel-aged cocktails are prominently featured throughout several of the Resort’s other dining outlets. Capa, the Resort’s rooftop steakhouse has a barrel ageing Four Seasons custom selected Knob Creek Bourbon and house-made bitters for the Solera cocktail, $18. At Ravello, the Knob Creek Bourbon is aged for the Boulevardier cocktail, $18. This year, PB&G also offered a custom barrel of Four Roses bourbon selected from the distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, that was aging in a charred oak barrel since October 2004.

Mix up your own Vieux Carre at home with:

  • 1/3 Bulleit bourbon and rye whiskey
  • 1/3 Dolin Rouge vermouth
  • 1/3 Camus cognac with added Benedictine liqueur
  • Angostura and Peychaud’s bitters for flavor
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